Real Estate Market Outlook 2017 Malaysia

As of 3Q2016, the property market dipped further. Transactions activity dropped 12.0% to 239,798 transactions (272,550 transactions as of 3Q2015) and 16.5% to RM95.34 billion (RM114.12 billion as of 3Q2015). Agricultural land remained as the second most active after residential properties with 52,337 deals worth RM9.41 billion. Third was the commercial sector with 17,453 transactions followed by development lands (14,255 transactions). Selanogr was the most active with 46,805 properties worth RM27.95 billion followed by Johor (29,520 deals worth RM14.78 billion). NAPIC also reported as at 3Q2016, that 57% of residential property transactions were priced below RM250,000 while 43% were transactions between RM250,001 and RM1 million.

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